Premiere of SLDC's latest production 'Breaking Ground' at MAC birmingham

Join us for the premiere of SLDC's new production 'Breaking Ground'. The solo Kathak performance by SLDC's Artistic Director Sonia Chandaria Tillu, traces Sonia's family’s migration story using innovative Kathak dance, poetry and a specially commissioned music score. The evening will also feature a preview of SLDC's new dance show 'Agraha'.

Feb 2020


'Untagged' - a triple bill of solo work by Sonia Chandaria Tillu at OFS, Oxford

“Untagged” will present a triple bill of SLDC's productions 'Breaking Ground', 'Agraha' and classical Kathak, traversing the entire dance spectrum from classical, neo-classical to contemporary dance. While distinctly different, all pieces will explore deeply-ingrained notions of identity, challenging us to break away from the labels attributed to us by society and ourselves. 

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