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“… her presentation was filled with crisp bols, impeccable footwork and fluid grace. Her strengths were the energy she exuded and the sparkle in her eye. Even when reciting the bols, her eyes danced and skipped as if the words were not necessary to maintain the rhythm…”  
- Pulse Magazine review of Sonia's solo performances at Akademi's Navodit
“I’ve had the opportunity to see Sonia perform on the stage quite a few times in the last 7-8 years that I’ve known her. I find that her dance goes beyond sheer brilliance of technique. Her complete involvement and passion for the dance is palpable. She has a great stage presence...
...she is inspiring as a dancer and is herself inspired by the art form. It is now up to someone like her to be a role model for the younger generation and move forward the living tradition of Indian classical dance.”  
- Sushma Mehta, Artistic Director - Shamaa Dance Company
“I look forward to Sonia coming out to share her dance with the Mumbai audience. I think she is a thinking dancer and would 100% percent apply herself into practising and performing within her grammar of learnt dance. I also think she is hungry to do more and probe into the form. An elegant and energetic dancer, I wish Sonia all the best and full immersion into this beautiful dance form of which we are all Sevaks”  
- Gauri Sharma Tripathi on the evening at the NCPA Mumbai and Birju Maharaj crown event competition.
Director, Amara Nritya Kala Hansa Pvt. Ltd.
Artiste in Residence, Southbank Centre
Curator, Alchemy & WOW
“I am delighted that one of Akademi's NAVODIT stars, Sonia Chandaria, has won the Kalashram Kathak contest in the UK.  She wholeheartedly deserves this award and I look forward to following her progress in the next round of the competition in India. I am sure Sonia will shine on the international stage and make London proud”  
- Mira Kaushik OBE, Director - Akademi
“Sonia is more than just a talented dancer – she possesses the qualities required to drive forward the dance field. She is ambitious, intelligent and has a vision for herself, which she constantly strives for. She has the maturity, wider knowledge and perspective to be able to see how she fits into the bigger picture and knows how to use her capabilities to succeed. Moreover, Sonia is a valued member of my dance group and is constantly working on ways to develop the dance company and her colleagues."  
- Sujata Banerjee, Artistic Director - Sujata Banerjee Dance Company
“Sonia is one of my best students to date. From a very early age, it was evident that she was the chosen one of Lord Natraja, endowed with the gift of grace, rhythm, energy and enthusiasm. She has shown maturity and understanding far beyond her age by not being content with these qualities, but by putting in a lot of hard work in her daily riaz. Sonia is also a fine person and we share an excellent [relationship]. I congratulate her for the effort that she has made and give her my blessings for the success of her recital."  
- Bharti Pathak (Shivam Performing Arts Kenya) on Sonia’s debut full-fledged solo recital aged 13 years. 
“…I also admired Sonia Chandaria for the way in which she contained and then released energy…
the performance only lasted an hour, but I could have watched these dancers all night.” 
- Maggie Watson (Oxford Dance Writers) review on Sonia (freelancing in FACET for Drishti Dance)

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