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Sona Lisa Dance Company

Sona Lisa Dance Company is a Birmingham (England) based dance company set up by Artistic Director Sonia Chandaria Tillu in 2018. Our objective is to build a dance style and vocabulary that is based on one of the oldest classical Indian dance forms – Kathak, but speaks to contemporary audiences.

We celebrate the rhythmical and musical richness of Kathak, but also evolve it by challenging and extending the fabric of classical movements and choreographies. Our approach to dance is to be unique yet collaborative, rooted in the Kathak form yet inventive.

Our perspective is global, passionate and meaningful, and we bring this outlook to our dance, be it through performances, workshops or any other work. Sona Lisa performances typically impart a message or tell a story on current and significant themes.

Through our innovative approach, our intention is to develop new audiences that span generations, ethnicities and cultures. Our raison d’etre is to create and perform artistic endeavours that are reflective of and relevant in today's world.

We are always keen to be contacted for:


  • Performance opportunities in the UK & abroad

  • Collaborations on projects

  • R&D opportunities

  • Funding sources

  • Dancers with a similar approach across all dance genres

  • Workshop enquiries


Photo credit: Simon Richardson

About Sonia

Sonia Chandaria Tillu is an independent artist working in dance, choreography and education. Her formal training is in the classical dance form of Kathak and she is also influenced by her exposure to dramatic arts, ballet, yoga, kalaripayattu and ballroom dancing.

At present her work includes performing solo classical and contemporary Kathak, choreographing Kathak inspired work and freelancing with various dance companies. As an artist, Sonia particularly enjoys performing work that evokes an emotional response in her audiences. 

She also delivers workshops in the local community to share what she has learnt from her teachers and mentors over the years.

In 2018, Sonia founded Sona Lisa Dance Co. and accepted a role as Trustee of UK Young Artists, an Arts Council funded National Portfolio Organisation. 
Read Sonia's full biography
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